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Happy New Year (nearly!) 
So it's been a crazy 2016 for us at Stag & Raven. We'd spent 2015 selling online, holding down full time jobs and taking Stag & Raven to markets around Manchester on the weekends. It was cold, cold COLD! 
Then last New Years Eve we got an email offering us a shop space in Manchester City Centre and have had an awesome year with our Afflecks family and love life up there on the 3rd floor - even though we have no windows! I'll be doing a blog post about the shop in a couple of weeks for those of you not in Manchester so you can find out a bit more about where we live!
We have some crazy stuff happening in 2017. The main one is that I (Hannah) am leaving the UK to travel around the world. This is something I have been planning for years and Kate and I knew this when we started the business, believe it or not!
I'm officially leaving Manchester in January and then leaving the country in March which is crazy even to write! We started this business as we wanted to create a something we not only LOVE (which we do) but also that works with the lifestyle that we want to both have. Kate and I both wanted to be our own bosses and support an industry we adore. 
So thats still going to be happening - I'm a much more behind the scenes person, and you are probably reading this on your phone or your computer - both of which are coming with me on the trip. 
May your 2017 bring you all you love and more. Be your own boss, support independent art, create some beautiful things. 

Hannah x

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