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I was on the train last week at two extremely drunk guys from Stoke On Trent insisted on trying to have a conversation with me. 

Usually I'll have a chat with anyone, but I'd been at work,  I had a book in front of me and was looking forward to a bit of peace after a busy day in the shop. In an attempt to strike up a conversation, I was asked 'What are you listening to? Metal?!".

This cracked me up for three reasons.

1. I was clearly being asked that as I have two sleeve tattoos and was wearing all black (as per usual) 

2. My current album of choice is an Italian Classic Composer called Ludovico Einaudi, who could not be more blissed out, chilled music. 

3. I have no clue about metal music, apart from the fact my cousin is in a Metal Band, and they are rather good. 

Anyway - People associate tattoos with Heavy Metal Fans and Rockers still to this day. Being called a Goth because I only wear black is a regular occurrence. As is life. 

What I DO love is awesome, beautiful, eye catching art. To make it easier to search our site we have broken these down into collections - one being Gothic. In Stag & Raven land this is all our dark, blackwork and general cool vibe shit. 

So to give you an idea of the kind of things we think are gothic, have a mooch below or click on this link.


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