Goodbye Manchester - its been a blast!

Posted by Hannah Cox on

Ok, I know KATE isn't leaving Manchester, and the SHOP isn't leaving Manchester - but I am. 

Yes - Hannah Cox, half of Stag & Raven is off to try and figure out if I can run half a business out of a 40l backpack.

I've been in this rainy city (and it is a very, very rainy city) and in my lovely little rented house for five years now and today is my last day in the Stag & Raven Shop. 

Since Kate and I dreamed up creating a business that sold affordable art for people 'that love tattoos' there has always been one big issue. I've always wanted to travel to as many places in the world as I can, discovering what makes different cultures and people tick. Around the same time we decided to start the business I set a date for my Big Adventure - March 2017. 

It seemed bloody ages away but it's crept up on us now and I'm heading back down south for my last few months in the UK. 

Don't think that it's stopping us moving this business on - we have THREE massive brand collaborations to announce over the coming months and hope to double the amount of Artists we work with by the end of the year!

So if you know anyone that lives in Eastern Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China or India let me know..

You will be able to follow me and my travels over on the Stag & Raven Instagram where I will be taking my trusty Tote Bag with me and hopefully collecting some Tattoos along the way :) 


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