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Hello! Hows it going internet people! 

We've been running Stag & Raven for a few years now and love speaking to our Customers on Facebook and Instagram. Actually, I'll be honest. KATE loves speaking to everyone on Social Media. She also loves spending loads of time on Instagram and somehow gets away with calling that her job. Who would have thought it? 

To add to her workload (so she says!) she also just joined Pinterest. For those of you that don't know what Pinterest is, its a place you can make online pinboards of your favourite things. 

Look at below for some of the ones we have made! 

It's super easy to use, you can just sign in with Facebook and get going. I've also become an Addict to Pinterest and have set up my own personal Pinterest as well, so feel free to follow me as well - here! And don't forget to follow Stag & Raven Pinterest as well!






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