What we know after a year at Afflecks!

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Because there is two of us at Stag & Raven we think we deserve two birthdays. For those of you that have been with us since the beginning, you know that we started the business on just after my birthday on 15th May over two years ago. And it's not May yet... 

However January is a double anniversary for us as well - we not only officially registered with Companies House in the January before the launch, but last year we also opened a shop in Manchester City Centre at Afflecks.

What with it being the start of a new year and with me leaving Manchester (you can read more about that here) we decided this month to make some changes to our business. We have put a call out for New Tattoo Artists & Creatives to work with us and really started to think about how to build our brand while continuing to support Artists and provide beautiful Art Work to our Customers. 

The last two years we have invested a ton of cash and worked for free to build our business. We do need to make money but it's not our primary motivator. We've both had to work other jobs to pay the bills. Thats Life! But in 2017 we are now both able to work full time on the business which is so amazing for us. 

We are passionate about Art. Great Art by Tattoo Artists is our passion and we love working with other Creatives that our Customers also adore.

Being passionate about our business means we can provide our Customers amazing quality Limited Edition and Tattoo Art Prints at affordable prices. 

We love EVERY SINGLE Art Print we sell - that's just common sense to us. If we wouldn't have it on the wall in our home, well it's not going in our Shop. 

Thank you for being part of this crazy ride - its thanks to you all that we can do what we love. 

For our Anniversary we would LOVE you to share your S&R photos with us, and if you think your friends would like what we do please tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

Special Shop Shout Outs: 

  • Mike thanks for everything. From working in the Shop, at Conventions and letting us turn the spare room into a Storage Room / Office :)
  • Jon thanks for being our In House Artist one day a week so we can catch a break and catch up on admin. 
  • Sam, Kirsty, Phil, Gill, Hanan, Lizzie, Katie and Veronika  - thanks for helping out in the Shop and at Conventions for free...  You've been ace. 
  • Emily - without your design skills we would be lost. THANKS!
  • All our Afflecks Crew - for being their everyday and making us laugh!

Here's to more Awesome things in 2017 

Hannah x


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