10 Things to look forward to at Liverpool Tattoo Convention

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For us, Liverpool Tattoo Convention is pretty much our BIRTHDAY PARTY! Two years ago we launched Stag & Raven at the Convention and had the most fun weekend!

It's also the same weekend as Hannah's birthday, who's turning 33 on the 7th. Unfortunately she isn't going to be at the convention (she's in Germany at the time) but the S&R Crew will definitely be raising a glass or two!

We've rounded up the ten things we are looking forward to most at this years convention!

1. The Bristol Tattoo Club Museum 

This awesome exhibition will be showing tattoo memorabilia and artefacts. It's fascinating to see some of the old photos and history of Tattooing - plus entry is free as part of your convention ticket!

2. Rock Karaoke 

Oh my god this is hilarious. I couldn't work out whether the people we were watching last year are serious or not. The best thing about this is it's on both Friday and Saturday night, so a great opportunity to have a laugh and smile!

3. The absolutely INSANE Artist Line up.

With over 250 Tattoo Artists at this years event there has got to be several you would want to ink on your skin. Loads of Stag & Raven Artists are at this years event so we are looking forward to a catch up with one of our many Artists and maybe even getting a cheeky new Tattoo (I'm looking at you Kate!) 

4. The most eclectic Live Music we have ever seen... 

With 17 bands performing on the Main Stage over the weekend you are spoilt for choice... with descriptions from 'Sex Groove Rock' to 'Lullabies for Restless Souls' there is clearly going to be an interesting mix of bands to enjoy. 

5. The Fuel Girls 

They are nearly naked, colourful, fire breathing and very sexy. While they strut round the convention looking uber sexy between incredible live performances, rest easy that that job role has been taken so you can sit back and have a pint instead. 

6. RSI Apparel 

Yes - our favourite Clothing Brand is selling their incredible merch all weekend and generally getting into trouble. Staffed by two people that survive on a daily diet of coffee and pints these guys know how to party! They also know how to create and produce fantastic clothes so well worth trying to get your hands on some of their stuff. They tend to sell out by Sunday so get there in plenty of time to try on some stuff!

7. Live Acoustic Acts all Weekend 

If you are suffering from a hangover or need soothing from the pain of your latest Tattoo, chilling out listening to some of the great acoustic acts over the weekend is the perfect cure. Again, all totally covered in the ticket price! 

8. Getting a new Tattoo! 

Well, I don't know who we are going to choose out of the 250 Artists there are at the convention but I have my fingers crossed that Kate sends me a picture of an awesome new piece that she's had done over the weekend! 

9. £1.80 Pints. 

Yep, you read that right - being able to buy a round of drinks for less then a fiver. Kate and I have previously taken advantage of this BARGAIN. This crazy happy hour is on all day so we recommend you pace yourself to last till 11pm!

10. Stag & Raven of course!

We will be at the Show all weekend selling our awesome Tattoo Art and merch. We will be on the look out for New Tattoo Artists to work with as well so if that's you, make sure you pop over and speak to Kate!

As well as all this there are Seminars, a Photo Booth and Award Ceremonies throughout the weekend. We've been to a few conventions where the entertainment sucked, drinks were expensive and the vibe pretty much sucked. This is not one of those conventions.

Along with Tattoo Tea Party this is one of our favourite events of the year so would be great to see you there!

Tickets and Official Website can be found HERE.

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