"Anything with a roast potato" Becci Maryanne 2016

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Becci Maryanne is a Tattoo Artist based in Leeds who has been part of the team for nearly a year since popping into the shop to see Kate. We LOVE her quirky paintings of animals and have recently commissioned her to create an exclusive print for us in the new year. Since working with us Becci has also started a Tattoo Apprenticeship... and after looking at the pictures below, I am massively tempted to get something in the new year! 

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Anyway, lets get down to it. Becci - How would you describe your Art in three words? 

Playful, arduous and melancholy

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And how long have you want to be an Artist?

Since I was tiny. Actually, I think I wanted to be a vet for a bit, then my Rabbit died and I realised that job was a bit of a bummer. But yeah, basically since I can remember. I think it started when my mum would sit down with me and draw the covers of my favourite VHS covers (I got a special mention at school for my Mulan) but she was way better than me.

What Music do you like to work to? 

Currently I'm finding myself listening to Built to Spill, Pavement and Pinegrove in quick succession. I'm also a big fan of the Throwback Thursday playlist on Spotify. 5ive were on it twice. That's great!

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Who's work do you love and who should we be looking out for? 

I absolutely adore the work of Mister Finch, and I really love Clare Scully too - she paints really intricate mosaic-like animals and they blow me away. Also you NEED to check out Kayleigh Radcliffe - I envy every single thing she does and wish it came out of me.

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Any Advice for aspiring Artists our there? 

Stick at it. As an artist you have awesome months, where it feels like it's all coming together, and then you have shit months, where it feels like you're a massive fraud. In the shit months I tend to go through my work and look at my progress. Or read really old emails from companies I never dreamt would get in touch. Even if it was two years ago and they don't reply to my emails anymore - it helps put it all in perspective and stops me from being so harsh on myself.


You can find Becci's full collection here 

Becci's Instagram 

Becci's Facebook 

P.S "Anything with a Roast Potato" is Becci's answer to her favourite dinner. :) 



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