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Tom Hall is an Illustrator based in Hull, and believe it or not - he is still studying at University. We were introduced to Tom by our Resident Artist Jon Turner, who saw his work at a Comic Con and knew he would be perfect for the shop!

Tom describes his art as 'Traditional Geeky Tattoos' and has always wanted to be an Artist. He has worked all types of jobs to make it happen - even a milkshake maker!

We caught up with Tom to find out his influences and favourite things. 

Hey Tom, who would you class as your influences or favourite Artists?

Quyen dinh! They inspired me most, such an amazing traditional style. They're the ones that actually got me selling prints, realising that people don't just want it on their bodies, they want it on their wall as well. The amazing Gil Elvgren, god of the pin-up style! Alex Maleev is another one of my favourites though I haven't managed to channel that in any of the prints I sell.

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What 'up and coming' Artists would you like to shout out about and support (if any?)

So many! Kaie Whittle, Illustratedjai and ivesgraphic ...and everyone else I have met at conventions who deserve so much appreciation for their talent! (and kindness)

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What Advice would you give to any aspiring Artists?

Stick with it! You are your worst critic, so don't be put off sharing your talent with the world. You'd be surprised how one comment can change the way you look at your own work.

Also do what you want to do with your work, if not then it will feel like a mundane job and not the amazing thing it is!

So tell us a little bit more about you - how would you describe your perfect day? 

Start with a coffee in bed watching cartoons, then a p.j. day with company, with drawing, gaming, good (junk) food and then have friends over for a chill in the night and a good fillet steak. 

If I said you could tattoo anything you liked on my body - where would you choose and what?

You would trust me with a needle!? I would love to see my rope suspension print as a thigh piece, though it may come out as a tied up slug if I did it.

What would you like to do if you weren't an Artist?

An Astronaut ! (A man-child can dream still)

You can follow Tom on Instagram and shop his full collection below. 


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