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We met Sam Mayle in London last year. Kate & I had headed to London Tattoo Convention, one of the biggest Conventions in the UK based at the Tobacco Docks. I didn't have the best time, I hate massive crowds and the convention seemed to be really tightly packed so it was hard to see all the Tattoo Artists we wanted. 

However, we did manage to have a proper look round at the Traders and Sam's Art stood out with it's real, brilliant graphic novel quality!

Sam describes his art as Bold, Graphic, Realism and has always know he was an Artist. But we wanted to know a bit more about him... 

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So Sam, What did you do before becoming a full time Artist? 

S - I have had a variety for different jobs, from working in a cinema, to on the phone sales man (which lasted one day) and working in a pub and restaurant. After uni, I began working as a graphic designer at a web development company for a while, creating websites, logos, business cards etc. Now I am a freelance illustrator, which so far is working out pretty good and I'm loving it!

Do you listen to Music when you work? 

Absolutely! I can't stand working in silence, I need music! I mostly listen to A LOT American country music (new and old!), Southern Rock, Blues, Hard/Alternative Rock, and Metal. I tend to listen to a lot of different bands within those genres. 

With that in mind, what Album would you recommend we check out?

Zac Brown Band - Jekyll + Hyde


Good choice, I like the Zac Brown Band! When you are working, who do you think has influenced you the most? 

Too many to name! But a few are - Christopher Lovell, Dan Mumford, Godmachine, and Ken Taylor.

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Thats an inspiring mix of names! So, what advice would you give to any Artists or Readers of our blog?

Talent isn't everything, hard work trumps talent any day. Put 110% into everything you do, and I can guarantee you'll become successful. Don't waste your time, or someone else's time half arsing something.

Strong words from Sam there, Thanks dude!





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