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 Nell Smith

Nell Smith's work is colourful, intricate and bold, so when Art Battle Manchester suggested her as a showcase Artist we couldn't say no!

Nell grew up wanting to be an Author - not realising being an Artist could be an actual job 😬. However, Art was the thing that captured Nell's heart and has been a constant interest throughout her life. 

Training as a textile designer she decided to go it alone nine years ago and is now based in Manchester Craft and Design Centre. We caught up with Nell to ask her some questions about her work and life.

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When you are working do you like to listen to Music? If so what kind?

I usually have 6 Music on when I'm working, until Steve Lamacq comes on and then I must turn off or I become enraged. Then I'll listen to some podcasts, like Arrest All Mimics and Creative Pep Talk, or pop some motivational AfroBeat on!

Brilliant - I've been after some new podcasts to listen to, I'll add the links in for our readers! So who would you class as your influences and who would you like to give a shout out too?

Sol Le Witt, Agnes Martin and Ellsworth Kelly. My pal Nicola Fernandes has also competed in Art Battle and I love what she does too. 


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Do you have any particular goals or dreams you want to achieve as an Artist?

Lots! I love making plans and setting myself goals. This Summer I'm going to get a trailer for my bike and take my Adana letterpress on the road, and take printmaking to the people! Other than that, I'd love to do a solo show, but I keep making excuses not to do it. Maybe next year...

What advice would you give to any aspiring Artists?

Make as much work as you can, keep looking for a way in, and make your own opportunities. Push yourself, strive to be original and take risks like competing in competitions like Art Battle! You never know where things may lead you.

What would you like to do if you weren't an Artist?

Be a naturalist, like my hero David Attenborough, I'd love to travel around and hang out with all the curious creatures of the world.

Who wouldn't want to be like Attenborough! So, if we can't find you making Art, how would you spend your perfect day? 

Riding my bike on the quiet lanes of Cheshire in the sun, then supping some cold ciders in a beer garden with my love.

Not a bad shout at all!  You can Follow Nell on Twitter or Instagram and shop her full collection below.

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