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UK Illustrator Jack Deane is based in Liverpool and describes his artwork as "Macabre Women Crying".... which made us want to delve deeper into why Jack became an Artist and find out what inspires him. 

So Jack, when did you realise you wanted to be an Artist? 

I think the first time I realised I could pursue Art and Design was in year 9. I think it wasn't until a teacher in my school basically said you're good at this - are you taking it for GCSE, that I ever really thought I was any good. I just remember that year getting a lot of positive feedback on homework, work in class. So through that I chose to take it further.

Has this always been your Full Time Job? 

I studied graphic design at university. I think for a few years I fell out of illustration whilst at university, so I have only just recently started again. So, I'm working it all out at the moment.

What would you like to do if you weren't an Artist?

I think when I was 5 I always wanted to work with animals, so probably something to do with Zoology. However I really like crime dramas so maybe catching serial killers (!!) 

When you're working do you like to listen to Music? If so what kind?

I think music is a big theme in what influences my narratives and what I want to be drawing, as most of my drawings are planned around a bands song/album. For example recently I have been working on a Lady Godiva piece inspired by the 'Heaven Shall Burn's album Veto. Personally I usually stick on Parkway Drive as a general go to and if I am taking my time I usually put on something more chilled like Deftones/RHCP, where as if I think I want to speed up I usually put on Whitechapel/JFAC.

Who would you class as your Influences or favourite Artists?

I am really inspired by Renaissance paintings, I have always loved the use of narratives within the work and how everything is methodically planned out. From the use of light, movement and colour. I love that after 100's of years, there are still books full on the meanings behind pieces and representations of the work.

I also love the work of Alphonse Mucha. Recently I love the work of Craola, Jesse Smith, Christopher Lovell, and Paul Jackson. Mostly for doing stuff that never in a million years I think I could do.




Do you have any particular goals or dreams you want to achieve as an Artist?

I'm turning 25 in October so I would also like to try and plan a exhibition of all my illustration work. More to that, hopefully pursue my career as a graphic designer, and have more people buy my work and be proud to own it.

What Advice would you give to any aspiring Artists?

I think that I am personally still an aspiring artist! I feel the only advice I can give and wish I would have done more myself is apply for careers in the arts and network. And of course, spend time making Art! 

Finally, Any Last words?

Thank you to anyone who has bought my prints I hope you are happy with them.

Ahhhh what a nice guy! We love his Art at Stag & Raven and I really can't believe how humble he is about his incredible work!

You can follow Jack on Instagram and shop his collection below. 

Jack Deane Artist Interview Stag & Raven

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