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Charlotte Timmons is a Tattoo Artist who describes her work as illustrative, colourful nature prints. She has wanted to be an Artist since she could hold a pencil, but has worked lots of different jobs before she became a Tattoo Artist. 


She's worked as a Shop Assistant, Waitress and studying at College all before her Tattoo Apprenticeship. 

When speaking with Charlotte she makes it clear how happy she is having found Tattooing. She appreciates how hard it can be to make a living as an Artist and feels fortunate that she has found a creative career that she loves! 

We caught up to find out what her influences are and what she has planned for the rest of 2017. 

Hey Charlotte! It's clear you love to Tattoo, what advice would you give to any Artists interested in joining the Industry? 

Keep drawing, keep painting, don't cut corners, if you want to be genuinely good you have to work really hard! Save up to get tattoos from artists you admire, you can learn a lot from them.


Talking of Tattoos, what would you Tattoo on me?

That's a really difficult question, so I'm going to have to give a vague answer! I have yet to do a leg sleeve and a back piece. So I would really love to do some sort of scene involving a big animal, a bear or tiger, and some colourful flowers and maybe a forest scene!

Sounds Good! What Music would we have on in the Studio? 

I listen to all kinds of music! I like a lot of things from 70's hair rock, gothic 80s music to grunge, punk, and pop punk that I got into when I was a teenager (and a tragic emo kid). I know a lot of tattooers are really into their music, but I wouldn't say music has as much of a big part in my life now as books do.

That makes sense, Kate and I have completely different tastes in Music (she loves pop punk too!) whereas Im a more bookish person. 

So, who has influenced your style? 

It's very difficult to say because I can be very fickle with my tastes, and there are a lot of artists who I admire, so I will go for people who shaped my interests or the direction of my work at different points! Nicola Bailey the illustrator was a huge inspiration to me as a child. When I got into tattooing I would say people who inspired me were Eckel, Becca (s6 girl!) Emily Rose Murray, Rachel Baldwin, Jody Dawber, Mitchell Allenden, Phil Wilkinson, Matt Adamson and Antony Flemming. I've met and worked with several of these awesome guys now. There is also my friend Ashley Luka Newman! There have been so many new inspirations to my work over the years that I feel bad limiting it, but I would say that these people probably shaped a lot of the way that I draw now, due to their leaning to neo-traditional styles!

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Thats a list and a half! Blimey! So, who is up & coming that you would reccommend our readers check out? 

Frances Joyce who I work with who is amazing!

What an amazing list of Artists to discover! What do you have planned for 2017 - are you heading to any Conventions? 

I was at the Tattoo Collective in London in Feb and I'll be heading to the Big North Tattoo show on the 29th and 30th April.

Jesus, sounds like you have already had a pretty busy year then - what do you do to relax on your days off? 

My ideal day would be hiking through a nature trail or generally being a tourist, with someone who is into weird abstract philosophical discussions. No wifi on my phone just the camera for all the trees and flowers and critters! Follow that up with a good veggie lasagne (nothing fancy) and I'd be happy!


What are your hopes for the rest of this year? 

I would LOVE to illustrate a children's book. I also want to get my work to people who don't necessarily like tattoos, but like the artwork!

Sounds like a good goal! So would you want to write your own book as well? 

I would love to try to be an author or work with animals if I wanted to change from tattooing, but I love my job! 

Any Last Words?

You should never ask me that. It's ironic that this will be the shortest answer! :)

Massive thanks to Charlotte for chatting to us, and if you like her work check out the exclusive print we have for sale below. 


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