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Antonella Raimondo has been with us since pretty much the start, and has a variety of prints on the site (check out a link below after the interview). Based in London Antonella runs a Tattoo Studio which she hopes to build into an artistic hub. 

Antonella's style is fine and delicate, yet very intricate and her earliest memories are having crayons in her hands! We caught up to discuss her work and influences. 



Antonella, what advice would you give our readers? 

Antonella - Try hard, never give up, be humble, as there will be always out there someone who can teach you what you need to know.


So, what did you do before you became a Tattoo Artist? 

I was a restorer of old building in Italy, repairing affrescos and old churches.

Wow, thats crazy! And then you moved to the UK to start your own studio, lucky us! So would would you say your influences are? 

Valentin Hirsch, Maxime Buchi, Mirja Fenris, Sergio Toppi, Mucha.

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And who would you say your one to watch is? 

Gwenn Seemel

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Thanks for chatting to me! So, now I'm leaving you, how do you plan on spending the rest of the day? 

Feed the cats, have breakfast, start drawing tattoo designs, make an awesome tattoo, and celebrate life with a glass of wine and my partner :)

Click on the links to view Antonellas Collection and Instagram

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