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El Famoso is made up of Brothers Rich and Chris and their bold art is a firm favourite with our Customers. They were also awesome enough to create a series of same sex couple prints exclusively for us. 

We caught up with Rich Fairhead, who after working in pubs, as a chef and even one evening in a cocktail bar realised that Art was more important than it all - and became a Full Time Artist. 

Hi Rich! As an Artist, who has influenced you so far? 

I'm always influenced by any mates that have made it as an artist, designer etc. I'm influenced by London, hand drawn type, old sailor tats, rum, skulls, beer cans, cats......

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When creating, what can we find on your Stereo? 

I'm currently listening to Run The Jewels, Savages, Drenge and Slaves. And always stuff like Black Keys, QOTSA, Muse, Bowie, Young Fathers, Queen.


Nice! So, what are your goals as an Artist?

As long as I can get by drawing, I'm happy. And I'd like to draw on the side of a building one day, proper big.

As someone who creates Art full time, what Advice would you give to any budding S&R Artists? 

I'd say keep plugging, draw everything and show shitloads of people your work.

With that in mind, are you heading to any Conventions this year?

I'm part of Brothers of The Stripe collective and we've got a few shows in the pipeline. (these guys are a collective of Illustrators and Creatives that have done TONS of cool stuff all over the UK) 

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When you have a day off, how do you like to spend it? 

Have a wander around a city on holiday, finishing with a couple of beers in the sun. Dinner would be Vietnamese!

And if you weren't an Artist, what do you think you would do? 

If I could do anything either photographer or maybe work in the movies. Or own my own rum bar.

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You can shop the whole of the El Famoso Collection below as well as follow Rich on Instagram


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